Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The awakening of awareness

When do children first begin to be aware of life as it exists around them? 
When do egocentricities make way for others? 
When do 'others' matter? 
When the motivation is self... Ironic in a sense. 

The short one has really begun to have a deeper understanding of family relationships, friends and story book characters recently. She is beginning to make sense of who's who in the zoo of those that makes up our extended family. 

She is discerning of those with whom she interacts. She can role play characters from favourite tales in great dramatic stances.  She can tell from 40 paces that any hirsute overweight guy dressed in red would in fact be Santa Claus. 

Whilst we haven't focused on this Yuletide  novelty,  she appears to be a  festive phenomena. 

Is it the surreptitious power of advertising and marketing or is it purely driven by the motivation of self? 

I have no idea - but what I do know is the sheer joy and delight in her eyes when she comes across a Christmas display.  Children do make Christmas all that more special. 

Makes you wonder what Piaget and Erikson would have thought!