Friday, June 29, 2012

Climate control

Before you go any further, I warn you, this is not a post about the impending carbon tax, global warming or melting ice caps.

It is in fact about my daughter’s vain attempt at acclimatising us all to the slightly colder climes of the south.  With our family holiday just weeks away, Lily has clearly picked up on the excitement and perhaps, trepidation of journeying south in the middle of winter.

So, she has decided to take matters into her own hands and replicate what we will all be experiencing, all too soon... just perhaps not indoors.

Now, I take pause here to contemplate Lily’s fascination for all things cosmetic.  A quick glance through previous blog posts will lay testament to the cosmetic industry and their various applications. (Hairdressing for toddlers comes to mind

Research unequivocally shows that she has a bent towards product. The seven signs of ageing fly in the face of all that is our Lily. You would think any mother in her right mind would take this on board and clear the decks, ensuring the bedroom of said child takes on more of the interior design style known as underground bunker. But clearly, I missed that approach.

Johnson and Johnson baby powder has a lot to answer for, is all I can say. 

Making a bedroom look like a snowstorm has just hit it is just the starting point. 

Dolls prematurely greying; bed sheets absorbing unmistakeable aromas; child looking like a yeti.

Mawson’s Hut is looking mightily attractive about now…

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