Sunday, October 28, 2012

You know you’re a parent when…

It is hard to believe less than 4 years ago I was carefree, independent and at the proverbial loose end. Then along came something that changed everything…a shorter limbed version of me.

As we near our third Christmas together, it started me thinking about what parenting was really all about.

You know you are a parent when…
 …sleep becomes that elusive commodity with fluctuating share prices. This is the true meaning behind the term the Great Depression or the more contemporary GFC.  

You know you are a parent when…
…you bend and contort yourself into managing the impossible to ensure that they get the very best possible start in life. Not sure why, I mean, I was here first!

You know you are a parent when…
…you can manage to log on to and proficiently navigate your way around, ergo, the Centrelink websites, without wanting to stab yourself in the eyes.

You know you are a parent when…
…you exceed your monthly download quota and your husband owns the company.

You know you are a parent when...
…Santa becomes your new best behaviour management strategy. Seasonal, I grant you, but following his abrupt retrenchment, along comes the Easter Bunny. Happy days!

and finally…

You know you are a parent when… have unfailing belief in your little dancer and know she can do anything.

Dancing, simply poetry of the feet


  1. I am not a parent, but I laughed (and almost cried) at some of your comments!!!!

  2. I have been almost crying too, all week, with shaped internet!

  3. You know your a parent when... you find yourself negotiating as though some million dollar deal is riding on the outcome and think to yourself, 'how the hell did I get here?'

  4. Too funny!
    You know you're a parent can't find a pen in your handbag anymore - but you have a spare teaspoon, a band aid, a squashed fruit chew and a packet of wipes! (True, happened to me today!)