Friday, February 11, 2011


Some call it the circle of life, some karma, others what goes around comes around, others still call it fate…I just have a real sense of symmetry.

The short one started at day care this month…and this meant, coincidentally, a return to my old stomping ground.  Nostalgic moments swept over me like waves.  The place of the short one’s day care is in fact a transformed former workplace of mine from many years ago.  The old school has been re-birthed into a childcare centre. Classrooms have been replaced with nurseries, principal’s office with play spaces, staffrooms with offices.  While the squeals of delighted children still ring through the corridors, there is a distinct change in the purpose of this special setting now.

But the circle starts in the knowledge that this was the very same setting that the short one’s mummy and daddy met for the first time, so many years ago…Who would have thought all that time ago, that we would be following in the footsteps of so many before us, but this time returning as a family ourselves and entrusting our little one into the hands of others.

There is an amazing sense of symmetry about this story…so many things had to fall into place for this circle to form.  The circle of life brings with it the inevitable feeling of …this was meant to be.

I believe our comfort and familiarity with the centre has transferred across to the short one, leaving her in her own place of serendipity; paving the way for the short one to be the author of her own destiny.

First day at day care

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