Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year birthday

The short one graduated this week from infant to toddler status.  Turning the big 2 was a very special event made even more so by the date coinciding with Chinese New Year.

Not a common occurrence, but one that sparked an interest and further investigation.

The short one was born in 2009, the Year of the Ox.  Characteristics commonly attributed to the Ox include being:
  • alert (particularly noticeable when she is awake)
  • demanding (also evident during wakeful moments)
  • stubborn (some would say not unlike her mother)
  • methodical (particularly when pulling out every single book from her extensive collection) and
  • great parents (not if her mothering skills with her dolls are anything to go by)

I would also go so far as to add determined, bossy, a sticky beak and fiercely independent.

What got me though was the animal she should avoid is the one animal she has been obsessed with since infancy, the sheep.  It was unclear as to why she should avoid ovines, but clearly it would pose a difficult transition for her as she is so obsessed that she can recite ‘Baa, Baa black sheep’ and ‘Mary had a little lamb’ verbatim and her favourite book is Mem Fox’s ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’

But the most intriguing were the ideal career choices…surgeon or a hairdresser.  Fairly disparate choices surely, despite both livelihoods reliant on cutting!

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