Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

When one starts writing about the joys of mothering definite themes begin to emerge.  Looking back over various posts I encounter repeated references to things such as sleep (or lack thereof), toilets (Freud, perhaps, would have something to say about this one), nappies (please refer to previous reference), routine (and trying to stick to one) and sleep (or lack thereof) – or did I mention that one?

Another one can now be added to the list…teeth. 

Why is it that these little eruptions cause so much pain for the grown ups – forget the kids!  I mean, they give pain on arrival, mostly due to having to put up with cranky, overtired, snotty short ones – and then follows the financial pain on their removal.  I have heard from some quarters that some parents are forking out near on a mortgage repayment when masquerading as the ‘tooth fairy’.

After having successfully subsidised my dentist’s extended family through private schools, property portfolio development and annual overseas holidays, I know all too well the pecuniary pain one can endure due to teeth. I can tell you right now, that this generosity will not be extended to my own flesh and blood.

In my day, you were lucky to get 20 cents and I think that was inversely proportionate to the years of pain that my parents suffered – all due to teeth!


  1. Sadly, this whole tooth story ends unhappily too. What you don't know is that as you age your teeth cost you even MORE and are just as painful and sleep depriving etc etc as when the bloody things arrived in the first place! And as for that tooth fairy. well inflation has nothing on her! I say it should be a maximum of one silver or gold coin. Don't give in to Lily's peer's pressure. Just tell her that the O'Connor tooth fairy is saving for a rainy day. :) p.s. and good luck with that!

  2. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read this! You made me laugh, but it really isn't funny, is it??? You could tell her the O'Connor tooth fairy is placing her tooth money in a trust fund that will become hers when she turns 25. By then, well, you can just her you fibbed...