Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools' Day

...a day dedicated to people with too much time on their hands.  April 1 each year seems to bring out all of those closet stand up comedians – the ones who wouldn’t last a beer in Edinburgh.

One of these said funny people thought it was a blast to tweet today that the well-loved and much treasured ABC Play School program was ending production, after 45 years.

One could argue that tweeting such slanderous comments was bordering on complete irresponsibility.  It is outrageous. Where is the accountability, I ask you? Thousands of under 5 year olds and their stay at home parents suffered a raft of conditions today including severe depression, anxiety attacks, nausea, apoplexy, inconsolable crying, anger…all to be told at midday that it was all a bit of a hoot!

Hoot?  Hoot?

This person needs to seriously research what is the definition of funny. Traumatising young children does not fall into the category of funny.

The Short One does not take kindly to being the brunt of some cruel and vexatious rumour involving her nearest and dearest Big Ted, Jemima, Humpty and Little Ted.  

Look, I wouldn’t take her on – so why this jumped up journo thinks she can I have no idea!

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  1. Is this bit of slander bordering on the - dare I say it - 'un-Australian'?? This sort of mindless rubbish should be stopped. Never mind traumatising innocent little children - what about destroying the souls of their parents?? Play School has saved the sanity of countless Aussie mums and dads. It is NOT funny to make pathetic jokes about it ending. Just shoot whoever was responsible. Enough said.