Thursday, March 28, 2013

Going viral

I think I'd rather like to be able to say… ‘I’ve gone viral.’

Not in the ‘I have a disease and I’d like to share it with you’ kind of way.

More in the ‘twitter hashtag trending, facebook sharing, google plus-ing, linkedin connecting’ sort of way.

You could actually help out in this rapid spread of infection. 

Put your antibacterial hand wash down for a minute and try clicking on this enticing ‘Vote for me now’ People’s Choice button to the right of your screen. Navigate your way to Page 5 with a few effortless scrolls and clicks and then vote away for the Team O’Connor blog. 

We thought we would try a simple case of contagion to get us started, and as with any half decent virus worth its weight, we’re hoping it will reach plague proportions before voting closes on Tuesday 30th April.

Thanks for spreading the love!

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