Monday, September 27, 2010

The List

Those who know me well know that I am a great list maker.  Without a list I am relegated to the early onset dementia category.  Even the height challenged one knows about 'Mummy's list'.

This weekend, I was able to cross off a number of items on my list.  

1.  Baby carrier - sorted
2.  Tardis back pack - sorted 
3.  Self compression travel storage bags - sorted
4.  Play and craft activities to keep the short one busy on a 16 hour + 6 hour flight - sorted
5.  Convert Play School DVD collection to mpegs and copy to laptop hard drive to keep the short one entertained on a 16 hour + 6 hour flight - sorted
6.  Buy warm coat for Daddy O'Connor - sorted
6.  Appointment at Apple to repair iPhone - sorted

However, in so doing, I have thought of other items to add.  

1.  Get some money - always a handy commodity - still not sorted
2.  Wash the thermals that have been put away since the last time we were silly enough to go to the far northern hemisphere in the middle of winter (remind me whose idea this was?) - still not sorted
3.  Dry clean Mummy O'Connor's winter coat - still not sorted
4.  Source extremely warm clothes - not sorted...ohhh, for crying out loud...whose idea was this???

5.  Head-read...mmmmm, should really get on to this

1 comment:

  1. Decision to visit the northen hemisphere in cold weather = dementia!!! Just what you were trying to avoid with your lists!!!! LOL!!! Happy planning - it will be a blast - the trip - not the planning!!! But you do that so fabulously!!!