Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You can do too much research!

I have been a huge fan of Kaz Cooke for some time.  She held my hand all through my pregnancy with week by week blows of what was going on inside. Her book, 'Up the duff' was a treasure trove of advice and support, sprinkled with lots of humour.

Once pregnancy was over, life took on a whole new perspective.  I had this inert appendage on the outside now.  So I thought I had better continue seeking my guru's advice and invest in Part 2 - 'Kid Wrangling'.  Like Part 1,  I considered it a tome of helpful tit-bits!  That was until today... you want to take a toddler on a holiday?  Get someone to lash you to a chair until the feeling passes.  Why you want to travel with a toddler is not really important.  Either you have temporarily lost your mind or you don't have a choice. Kid Wrangling p699

Ummmmm, we do have a choice...please refer to point 4 on 'To do list'

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