Sunday, January 30, 2011

A child’s first pet

Disclaimer:  May I preface this post with the reassurance to all readers that we are strong supporters of RSPCA and the work that they do.

There comes a point in any child’s life when you consider, should we get a family pet?  If so, what would suit your lifestyle? Does your child display any affinity with animals?  Do you, for that matter? Which animal does your child particularly like?

Taking baby elephants and tigers out of the equation, we considered the easy option as a starter kit!  Seeing a relationship was struck up with Max the fish at Hotel Maximilian in Prague, we thought an aquatic version was the ideal solution.

At this point in time a fish was perfect.  They are low maintenance, feeding is simple and inexpensive, they don’t make much mess, they are quiet, they don’t take up a lot of room and they are easy to relocate if you are going on holidays! Perfect!

Now all we had to decide was what sort of fish!  Wow, if you have never been into a fish shop (and I don’t mean the variety with salt and vinegar on the counter), it is worth a trip.  I had no idea the variety and cost such a hobby presents!

Being that this was a first pet, and considering the owner was to be an enthusiastic nearly two year old, we thought something resilient, robust and tough would be best.

Max version 1.2, the Siamese fighting fish, joined our digs over the festive season and was welcomed with that great aforementioned enthusiasm.  The short one displayed appropriate due care and was very fond of her new pet in a hands-off sort of way.

That was until today…

After breakfast, the short one took it upon herself to share.  Spoon in hand, she launched it into the small fish bowl and vigorously started to stir.  Max was caught in a hurricane whirl, swirling and swirling, around and around.

Quickly, we put a stop to this sudden erratic weather event, all the while explaining that we mustn’t put anything in Max’s bowl. 

All things settle again … until … the short one manoeuvered her plate into the bowl…

Max 1.2 is now in therapy on the kitchen bench…with a full belly, some clean water and an understanding counsellor, he is back to cruising around aimlessly.

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