Friday, September 14, 2012

A loo with a view

Now, getting back to the task at hand…finishing off our Tassie blog.

Our drive to Hobart from Strahan was to be our biggest yet. The trip took us through some of the most picturesque landscapes we had ever seen. We skirted the bottom of Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park via the West Coast Wilderness Way. Driving through such vast areas of national park delivered a visual treat at every turn in the road. Another treat in store for us however, was the immediate need for a toilet, as only a toddler can muster. Of course, this immediacy was articulated at such a time where the roadside was impossible, the terrain unworkable and civilisation unforeseeable.

With each escalation of urgency emanating from the back seat, our anxiety levels in the front increased twofold. What were we to do? We were literally in the middle of nowhere…we couldn’t even stop safely to go roadside. Things were looking grim for the rear seat.

By this point in time the rear was becoming feverish. Dad’s foot was depressing further as we rounded another bend only to see the Holy Grail of all Holy Grails - a road sign depicting toilets ahead. My immediate thought was ‘Now, that’s just a little odd, but hey, who am I to quibble?’

So there we were, in the middle of nowhere, civilisation a distant memory and a turn off ahead for toilets.

Granted, a little odd. Perhaps a little too convenient. But hang the expense, it was a huge relief.

Taking our leave of the road, we headed down the dirt track to find quite a substantial toilet block. Never one to let an opportunity pass me by,  we all availed ourselves of the amenities. And might I add, very nice amenities!

Back in the car all greatly relieved, we thought we would check out this odd little detour. Driving a little further, we rounded a bend to be presented with the most amazing sight I had ever seen. Beautiful clear skies, crystal clear waters, stunning symmetrical reflections. Lake Burbury. What a stunning discovery! Not a soul in sight. If it wasn’t for the short one’s immature continence we would never have discovered this little hidden hamlet.

I bet Australia’s early explorers didn’t have such edge-of-their-seats tales to tell like this one…then again, I can't recall many three year olds travelling with the likes of Burke and Wills. More's the pity...

Lake Burbury

Lake Burbury

Lake Burbury


  1. Loved the toilet story .... and the lake was a fantastic find!!!! I must say I have been caught short a number of times in our travels but have never been rewarded with such a beautiful sight!

  2. It was almost surreal, Mary. Just stunning.