Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Ultimate Kids Collection

Never again be caught out at a toddler convention for not having the right song on hand. The Ultimate Kids Collection is one ultimate collection for kids!

This 3-disc CD set features over 100 tracks, from traditional nursery rhymes, action songs to the more contemporary favourites. You will never be at a loss again for a backing soundtrack for Pass the parcel or Pin the tail.

The CDs are even colour coded with corresponding track listings on the back of the case. For those of us who are more visually minded – this makes selecting a track from the vast array just that little bit easier.
It has quickly become a favourite in the car, especially Disc 2 which can be a little disconcerting considering the physicality required with such tracks as the Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey – but don’t let a good 5 point harness car seat hold you back!

Available from the ABC Shop, just don’t confuse it with the Kids Ultimate Collection put out by Hill Song. One would imagine a slightly different collection may be had there!

This product review purely expresses my opinion and is not influenced by any form of remuneration.
A copy of the CD was provided for review purposes only.

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