Saturday, January 15, 2011

Extending a hand...

As the waters slowly recede, the full indiscriminate devastation begins to reveal itself.
People’s family … homes … livelihoods … lost.

Driving through some of the worst flood affected areas, you begin to get a glimpse of the enormity of this state wide disaster.  Many have likened it to a war zone.  Heavy army vehicles are moving into suburban streets armed with the duty of removing the debris of people’s lives.

Thousands upon thousands of volunteers have formed their own army.  Moving into some of the worst areas, cleaning out people’s houses.  Mostly strangers to those who they help, but strengthening everyone’s resolve…together we can overcome this.

Queenslanders are amazingly resilient people. Despite all that has been endured, many can still raise a smile and extend a hand.

Our recovery has only just begun.  A long journey stretches out before us.  Together we will overcome this.

Please consider extending your hand to those in greatest need…Premier's Flood Relief Appeal


  1. Just breezed through some of your posts...and enjoyed them. I just wanted to say that two of my adult kids just left Queensland after being based in Point Victoria for 6mos. so they're following the flooding closely. Their host/friend in PV is alright and sent links to flood videos. Quite devastating.
    Nature certainly is showing her stuff this winter/summer...up here (N. America) it's snowstorms galore. In my end of my city (Calgary, AB) we didn't get the amount of snow the north end or other areas of Alberta & the rest of N.Am. has.
    Stay dry and I hope you, hubby & 'the short one' are spared.

  2. We are all good thanks, Libby. We had to evacuate my mum for the week but other than that we pretty much survived unscathed, thankfully. There are many worse off who have just lost everything, including loved ones. Weather patterns world wide lately have just been crazy!
    Thanks for the feedback, I am glad you enjoyed the posts.