Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Old Macdonald had a farm

Our local shopping centre quite frequently plays host to a petting farm during the school holidays.  They haven’t been there this Christmas though, due to the many other forms of entertainment on hand – and I use the term 'entertainment' loosely.  

Aside from the 'Fat Man', at one stage there we were treated to a number of psychics, willing to impart your entire future in 2 minutes, all for the price of a Coles docket.

The seed of a career path must have been sown in the short one’s psyche, as today we were heading to the shops to pick up some essentials when she declares from the back seat of the car that we were going to feed the ‘sheeps’. I immediately denounce such an idea, knowing full well that there were no ovines within cooee of our excursion, other than the pre-packaged variety.

Upon arrival at said shopping centre I was quickly disabused of my previous declarations. 

There before us was quite a large collection of not only lambs, but kids, piglets, ducklings and chicks in various shapes and sizes.

Clearly she knew better!

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