Monday, December 13, 2010

'What the...' Part Four

Germany is increasing security at airports and railway stations in light of "concrete indications" of terrorist attacks being planned for the end of November. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said it followed a tip-off from another, unnamed country. He said the extra security would remain in place "until further notice".
"There are grounds for concern, but not for hysteria," Mr de Maiziere told a news conference in Berlin.
The federal police force has been ordered to step up checks at airports and train stations, he added. BBC News 17 November, 2010

These news reports and others of an increasingly alarming nature were splashed across our TVs and newspapers each day whilst we toured around Germany. A sad reflection of the times in which we lived…

Minister de Maiziere came out in the end and announced at a press conference that police security would be a very noticeable presence at German airports and major train stations.  After initially denying that there was any real threat to Germany, his reasoning behind coming clean and alerting the travelling community at this time was to allay some of the fears that would be engendered by having such a visible presence of a large number of heavily armed police.

Being one of those travellers: in Germany; travelling on trains from major stations; during the end of November; we were alert and somewhat a little alarmed!

Having the German constabulary being omnipresent did prove to be a constant reminder of the threat, whilst at the same time provided a small sense of comfort…

We were particularly reassured however, to see two officers travelling on our train from Frankfurt to Munich, no doubt just keeping an eye on things…

from behind firmly shut eyelids…


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