Monday, December 6, 2010

'What the...' Part One

During our time away, we were privy to a number of ‘what the…’ moments, which I would like to inflict on my readers as well.

Starting with the first one today…

Anyone who has kids, ever been near a kid, thought about having kids, or been a kid themselves at some stage of their career would be familiar with the ubiquitous literary giant, Spot the Dog.

A little known fact amongst his worldwide loving fans is that, in the Netherlands, Spot suffers from a grossly misunderstood and rarely researched condition called sialorrhoea.

Well, I am assuming he does…it is the only explanation I can come up with for his Dutch moniker.


  1. What the???
    I also have a "what the" moment whenever I post a comment here. I have to verify the comment with typing in a group of letters seen on the screen.
    The concerning thing is that where I type the letters, next to it is a symbol of a person in a wheelchair..."what the??"

  2. A 'special' feature just for my friends!!