Thursday, August 9, 2012

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Any stay at home mum with toddlers would be all too familiar with the iconic opening bars of …There’s a bear in there…

Play school has become an institution for decades of toddlers, bringing with it a line up of presenters for which any casting agent would fight. And then there are the presenters for which any SAHM would continue... to wait at home.

Joining the ranks of late has been the ever popular, Jai Laga’aia. Star of the little and big screen, and father to eight; he most certainly comes from a busy lifestyle. Little wonder he had time to record his latest CD with Catherine Britt.

Big Rock Candy Mountain is an interesting sidestep for Jay and his usual MO. I had never considered him alongside the likes of Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers or Johnny Cash. This CD instantly took me back to that unforgettable scene in The Blues Brothers, where Elwood asks the bartender what kind of music they usually have there, to which she cheerily replies in that Texas drawl, ‘Oh, we got both kinds, country AND western!’

Teaming up with Catherine Britt (who sounds hauntingly like a younger Dolly Parton), this CD has a play list that is vaguely familiar, if not strangely yee har! I am sure you will remember the words to She'll be coming 'round the mountain or Swing low, sweet chariot just as soon as the tune hits the speakers. 

To be honest, it’s not me, but neither is Chad Morgan – but for those true devotees to both types of music, you are guaranteed to love it!

This product review purely expresses my opinion and is not influenced by any form of remuneration.
A copy of the CD was provided for review purposes only.

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