Sunday, August 5, 2012

Snow storm

Guess how much I love you’ has been a well loved children’s book for over 18 years. Recently animated and shown on the ABC, the short one quickly became a fan. 

With an incredible sense of the circle of life, I remembered Little Nutbrown Hare accompanying me on a long journey overseas, after he was secreted away in my suitcase by my mum. Now here I was, nearly 20 years later, secreting a digital copy onto the iPad for our trip. 

This proved to be a wise move as it quickly became favourite viewing throughout our many long drives. This may have proved to be our nemesis though. Little Nut Brown and his dad live in the snowfields and delight in creating snowstorms through their legs with their raking hands. Perhaps foolishly, we promised the short one that we would see snow in Tasmania. She was somewhat disappointed to not see it the moment we stepped foot on the tarmac. There was little we could do to convince her that we were in fact in Tasmania and hadn't detoured to some place devoid of snow.

Little Nutbrown Hare and his dad
Reading the BOM forecast feverishly each day, we were quietly optimistic that the snow would come the weekend that we were to be in Cradle Mountain.

Driving into Cradle Mountain Lodge, we checked into a charming alpine cottage complete with fireplace. 

Still no sign of the white stuff... but there was always tomorrow I said, with fingers and toes crossed.

Tucking the short one into bed, I placed a kiss on her cheek with the promise of tomorrow being another day.

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