Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Port Arthur

Port Arthur is probably the most significant colonial penal settlement in Australia. Being purpose built within a remote coastal landform, it ensured nature formed the prison bars of years gone by. Throughout its long history, only two escapes were ever recorded.

A place of degradation and deprivation; horror and reflection, Port Arthur will be tragically remembered as much for its penal history as it will be for the horrific events of 28th April, 1996.

Death has taken its toll
Some pain knows no release
But the knowledge of brave compassion
Shines like a pool of peace.

May we who come to this garden
Cherish life for the sake of those who died
Cherish compassion for the sake of those who gave aid
Cherish peace for the sake of those in pain.

Margaret Scott 2000

Reflective mood in
Memorial Garden within ruins of Broad Arrow cafe

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