Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Historic Richmond, Tasmania

With the passing of time, came the proportional passing of energy. It was time for Team O’Connor to launch themselves into another adventure of winter travel. Why can’t we holiday in the warmer months, you may well ask? I frequently ask myself the same question, with a less than satisfactory response seemingly forthcoming.

Not content with just travelling in the winter – we decide to venture to the coldest part of Australia, at the coldest time of the year.

Richmond bridge, 1825, oldest bridge in Australia
Arriving in Hobart, we promptly took possession of the inevitable family car complete with baby seat. Richmond was to be our first port of call, just a few kilometres from Hobart airport, where a heritage cottage awaited our weary souls for the evening. Gently taking our hands as we stepped over the threshold, ghosts of times gone by welcomed us into the c1830 cottage that once embraced the giggles and laughter of ten children.

Laurel Cottage, Richmond
Beautiful Laurel Cottage is nestled along the way from Richmond Bridge, Australia’s oldest bridge. Both constructions laying testament to the hardships of early colonial life, painstakingly built from hand hewn convict bricks.

Quickly dubbed ‘our new home’, it was to become our perfect base for touring the convict trail along the south east coast. Tomorrow would see us visit Port Arthur, a site of significant colonial history, pain and tragedy.

1835 Catholic Church Richmond 

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