Thursday, August 2, 2012

Swansea to Bicheno

Leaving our heritage digs and heading back out on the road, we made our way towards Swansea, where tonight we were to go in search of the fairy penguins.

Bicheno fairy penguins
After checking into our beach chalet, we headed up the east coast towards the Freycinet Peninsula and Nine Mile Beach. Further north at Bicheno we met the tour bus to take us into the penguin rookeries. Leaving just on dusk, we were treated to a display of the fairy penguins making their way up the beach. Not at all perturbed by our presence, they just waddled on by with their little knee-less legs. Fairy penguins can remain at sea for up to 12 months at a time, only coming ashore to rest and breed. They are capable of taking power naps out at sea for as little as 40 seconds. Collectively they are known as a parcel.

Whilst very cute, they are also very noisy…not unlike someone else I know.

Bicheno fairy penguins

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  1. A relative of ours has a house by the water in Bicheno. A house made almost inhabitable by bloody fairy penguins nesting underneath it!! You move them on and put up barricades but then, in a very short space of time, the little darlings come back at nesting hour, (approximately 4 a.m.), and the struggle for territory begins anew. I can't wait to visit them! It looks/sounds like a wonderful trip. What lovely memories you are making with Lily.