Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Joys of the Long Haul

I suppose one of the inevitabilities of living Down Under is that if you want to go anywhere it’s going to take a VERY long time.  Let’s face it, long haul flights are in our genetic blue print.

OK, let’s be honest here.  I hate long haul flights.  By their very nature they are …well…LONG!

I do feel however, that I have done an extensive systematic review of all available research dealing with long haul flights and toddlers.  In fact, so extensive I am considering submitting it to the Cochrane Collaboration.

Here are my key findings: 
  1. Reconsider
  2. Take a collection of unseen compact and light art & craft activities and bring out one at a time.  In desperate situations, bring out everything, spoil them for choice!
  3. Load up laptop, iPhone, iPod, iPad or any other electronic device within a 12km radius with fun apps & endless hours of mindless, speech-retarding viewing
  4. Try and keep some semblance of a routine going – keep one time piece on home time (that one cracks me up)
  5. Take regular walks around the cabin – look for a nearby playground even
  6. Reconsider

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