Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not all airlines are created the same

Whilst we are under the misapprehension that the trains are all under control, we turn our attentions to the rather larger and more imminent form of transport, the aircraft.

My single piece of advice here is simple…first class… or if your budget can’t stretch to that…business.  Still not an option?  Well, I guess you are relegated to the back end of the plane like the other 97% of the travelling public! 

As I stir from my hallucinating slumber, I realise that unless I have extraordinary amounts of money, to date undiscovered, perhaps in that aforementioned vortex, that this is really not a feasible option.

So with the realisation that this is our lot in life, we can always make the best of it. 

First of all research your chosen airline, BEFORE it is chosen.  The cheapest is not always the best.  Ask around, consider prior experience, read hugely informative blogs such as this one.  Forearmed is forewarned.  I once chose an airline purely on the basis that it was a partner in my frequent flyer program.  Sadly that was my first mistake.  In the short few weeks that I was overseas, the chosen airline had withdrawn from the alliance and my leading frequent flyer airline had collapsed, taking with it all my accumulated points (and no doubt several hundred employees). 

Secondly, and probably more devastating, was the distinct lack of cabin crew service and friendliness.  On our long journey home we were given a beautifully presented menu detailing a choice of delectable chef designed and prepared meals that would be lovingly plated for our palates enjoyment. 

Now, I can preempt what some of my friends are going to say about my next comment, but it has to be said.  Our flight was due to arrive back home mid morning.  Our ‘beautifully presented menu’ promised a culinary delight in the form of a breakfast muffin prior to our descent.  Well, suffice to say, I am still waiting to partake in my breakfast muffin.  I know it was over 10 years ago…but hey!  Promises are promises!  Delectable menu or no delectable menu…it has left a sour taste in my mouth!


  1. The above photo is indicative only - as I never actually ever saw the breakfast muffin, I can only begin to imagine what it looked like.

  2. Just shows how jet lagged I was 10 years ago...I don't remember anything about that flight...what time we were due to land and definitely don't remember what was on the menu... Sorry about your muffin :(

  3. C'mon Loz - what happened to your two bob's worth??