Sunday, October 24, 2010

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one

Leo J Burke
Nothing gets past the short one… I am convinced she knows that something is afoot! Probably not surprising, considering we have spoken with her every waking moment about going in a big plane. While the expressive language is coming along quite well, don’t be fooled by the level of a toddler’s receptive language. It’s amazing how much they really do understand.

To try and help explain all the goings on, I have put together a simple daily chart.  The week’s activities are depicted with photographs of significant people and places.  Each day ends with a photo of a sleeping baby.  The day of departure has a picture of our plane and some of the cabin crew in uniform.  Whilst I thought it was a remarkable teaching tool, the short one just walked around the house with my print out, all the while repeatedly saying, ‘Grandma’.  I think she missed the point!

I don’t think she has missed the point about the sleeping baby though.  Under normal circumstances, the short one is in a beautiful sleeping routine.  But the last few days she has become possessed.  No sleep during the day, and up every hour over night. Either she is possessed or she is trying to acclimatise us to jetlag before we even get on the plane.  What a cruel irony!

Keep that up kiddo, and I might just check myself into that suitcase!

As that wise man, Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, 'There was never a child so lovely but her mother was glad to get her to sleep.'


  1. I totally agree with Ralph Waldo! When people tell me they slept ike a baby, I assume they were awake and crying every hour. Ah motherhood, what fun!

  2. So true, Valda. Thank the stars though, she is back into the rhythm! Otherwise there may have been some more eBay enquiries!