Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Travel Doctor

Before any overseas travel it is recommended that you speak with your family GP in order to update any vaccinations if needed, or get any medications or prescriptions sorted out.  Whilst Team O’Connor is generally a pretty healthy unit, I thought it would be prudent to speak with our friendly GP about taking the short one overseas.  Not having done this sort of thing before, perhaps I am somewhat na├»ve.  But when I asked about travel and toddlers, I was thinking what basic first aid should I take?  Are there any extra vaccinations she would need?  Should I take some infant Panadol?  You know, those sort of mundane (yet highly important) questions.

Our delightful family doc immediately adopts a look of seriousness and earnestness and says…'Yes…I think it is definitely something worth thinking about,’

‘OK, what precisely?’

’Chemical support.’


‘I have been known to do it to my children on long haul flights,’ she explains.

‘Do what?’ we ask in chorus.

‘Chemically support them…you know…to help them sleep…you know…phenergan’

'Ohhhhhhhhh, no I don’t know…'

Then she goes on to explain that if we do go down that track that it is always a good idea to try it at home first before you are trapped in the confines of an Airbus A340 with a screaming hyperactive tornado tearing up a cabin for 16 hours with no way of getting out.  Apparently it can have the opposite effect on some kids…well that’s comforting to know.  I can only hope that other travelling toddlers on our flight have similarly well-versed doctors.

For the record…we have decided not to drug the short one. In my experience, phenergan  has long been the brunt of many a joke.  To be honest I had never even considered it…I mean, if the short one had been allergic to airline food, then it may have been worth thinking about!

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