Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Travelling with kids

A number of friends have asked for my Top Travelling Toddler Tips. Below I have posted some of the most useful 'stuff' that I have come across in my "Cochrane Report" (apologies to the Collaboration!) 

  • Travel Toddler  - comprehensive site AND it's Australian which is a huge plus!  Well, that is if you are Australian of course!  
  • Little Gulliver - the commercial arm of Travel Toddler retailing some really useful travel items 
  • Flying with Kids - helpful tips, but not Australian so some content not appropriate/applicable
  • Travel with Kidz - Australian network of Travel Agents that specialise - would you believe - in travel with kids
  • Family Travel - written by parents for parents, lots of useful tips, originates from OS
  • Smart Traveller - Australia's DFAT, provides current travel advice and warnings, as well as a useful PDF for download called 'Travelling Parents'
  • Trip Advisor - for that never ending search for the Holy Grail of accommodation
and probably the best website that I have come across in all of this would have to be
  • Team O'Connor - for its insightful commentary, scintillating content and witty anecdotes!

( have to be kidding me, who writes this stuff?)

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  1. Thanks for your kind comments & support Meredith. I think us "apprentice baby travellers" have the most fun!