Saturday, October 9, 2010

Silence is golden

Noise-cancelling headphones.

An oxymoron surely – but no,  apparently a must-have for any long haul flight.  Armed with this vital piece of aviation know-how, we head off to Hardly Normal this morning.  Minutes later, we head out as the proud new owners of a set of travel headphones, complete with their own wee bag!

This latest innovation, my IT husband assures me, will block out all ambient noise, particularly the drone of the aircraft’s engines.  What about the drone of nearby 20 month old infants?  Surely, that is a more appealing and marketable feature!


  1. I would like some for work purposes...
    to drown out people calling my name, buzzers, pagers, phone calls...the list is vast really!!
    Hope they work for you on the flight...

  2. Oh yeah leah - sounds like a very marketable product for a variety of purposes!!!!

  3. They're on special at the moment at HN - should pop in and buy yourself multiple sets - for those days when you just don't want to talk to anyone!!

  4. Is it bad that I am entertaining the thought of buying some ?!?!? Maybe give them as Christmas presents - lmao!!!!