Friday, November 19, 2010

Ambling around Amsterdam

Pre-purchasing guidebooks for each of the cities we were to visit afforded us with some very useful and interesting information on each of our destinations. 

On our train trip to Amsterdam, I spent considerable time going through our next book and studying the map.  The guidebook was very informative, especially detailing areas of Amsterdam that should be avoided at all costs - areas that are particularly seedy and known for pickpockets and other not so savoury characters!  I even went to the trouble of locating and marking these areas on our pocket map, as well as showing daddy.
Our first day in Amsterdam today, we thought we would just amble around aimlessly and discover our local area; the whole time, keeping the district in mind that we should avoid.  We made our way from the hotel to Dam Square, Amsterdam's main square, from where the city arose. With map firmly in pocket, as opposed to hand, I very carefully steered Team O’Connor to a district off Dam Square that was reminiscent of something.  After some time, daddy instructs us to stop and actually consult the map to find out where we were. 
With several map turnings, street sign consulting, mummy had to sheepishly admit that she had very carefully orchestrated the Team into the heart of the no-go zone!  No wonder it rang a bell!  With some carefully executed manoeuvres we quickly removed ourselves from said area!
I suppose the lessons in this for everyone are:
a)      Don’t ever leave mummy in charge of a map
b)      Actually consult the map, as opposed to keeping it in your pocket
c)       See first lesson
NB  For those of you who were privy to my Kensington Palace foray, you would think daddy would have learnt by now!!

Daddy’s Note:
I would like to make it quite clear that everywhere, except on the first day in Amsterdam, I have held the map, and controlled its use. Also please note that during these times we never got lost or went anywhere near places that we should avoid.
Needless to say I now have the map back!
And for those not in the know... when we were in London some years back, we stayed at a hotel five minutes walk from Kensington Palace.
Instead of going right to the Palace, on said person’s advice, we went left and three suburbs and two hours later, she admitted that perhaps I may have been right in this case.

Mummy’s Note
It must be so hard being so perfect...

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  1. She never had problems with reading a map when we were single and travelling together....