Monday, November 8, 2010

Platform 9 3/4

Our time had come to leave Munich and make our way to Prague. With a cab booked to take us to Hauptbahnhof, Munich's Central Station, we made our way to the 9am train to Prague.

Whilst waiting on platform 20, a German Frau engaged us in conversation. Fortunately for us, her English was quite good, as she shared with us a fairly important tip! 
When catching the train, read the sign above the door to the carriage to ensure it is going to your chosen destination. Apparently, not all of the train will be going to Prague.

Evidently, German carriages have Hogwart's moments and vanish into some unknown realm. Come to think about it, she did look a bit like Hagrid!

Our trip to Prague was 5 hours long. We were greatly relieved to discover that we were in fact in the right carriage. We were delighted to have our 1st class cabin all to ourselves. Our little space had 5 seats and a door. This was great as we were able to close off our area and let the short one have a bit of space. It also meant that all of our luggage was with us with plenty of room. One of the benefits, no doubt, of travelling off season.

The time just flew by, and before we knew it we were pulling into Prague's Central Station,
Hlavni Nadrazi. I will never forget seeing my first glimpse of this world famous city, one that I have always wanted to visit. Emblazoned all over the building surrounding the approach to the station was the most enormous photo of Harry Potter I have ever seen.

Now, come on!  That is just a little bit spooky!


  1. I hope that you enjoy Prague. I loved every minute I was there. I wish I was there again-walking along Charles Bridge.
    However, you have had an experience that I never had...seeing Harry Potter!! Haha

  2. That was amazing! I couldn't believe my eyes as we were coming in to the station. Haven't seen anything yet - just waking up now - look forward to looking around today. xx