Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's the time?

The short one has discovered an affinity, for some bizarre reason, for clocks.

After consuming our body weight yet again at breakfast, we head out for the day to explore our surrounds. It was hard to reconcile getting kitted out in jeans, thermals, coats and scarves after coming from 30+ degrees. The short one was quite amused to find herself all rugged up like the Michelin Man. But we were glad that we did after stepping outside our cosy hotel.

We very quickly ascertained that Munich pretty much shuts down on 1st November each year. Nothing is open, and I mean nothing. Why? Wouldn't have a clue! We came across the Deutches Museum just nearby, but sadly it is not open on 1st November. The main square in front of this almost 100 year old building is where the short one came across her first beautiful astrological clock that she insisted on standing in front of for ages and declaring to all who passed by, 'clock', just in case they weren't sure.

She was in for another timepiece treat when we ventured further to Marienplatz to see Europe's probably most famous clock. At 11am we were treated to the delightful display of the Glockenspiel in full flight. Our aimless wanderings around Marienplatz led us to discover quaint alley ways, stunning gothic architecture and the 200 year old marketplace, Viktualienmarkt.

We also discovered that our hotel is conveniently located above a mini shopping mall housing a grocery store. Perfect for us to stock up on bottled water, nappies, wipes, real milk (as opposed to the UHT variety) and snacks for the short one. Perfect that is, if it was open!
Hopefully tomorrow we will have more luck.

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  1. Glad that you have clocks to keep you and the short one occupied while the rest of the city is closed!! I only thought that when we were there last on New Years Eve, that because it was NYE, that nothing was open...maybe it just closes?!?!?
    Maybe after the clocks you can then visit McDonalds and the churches...at least you know from last time, we found them open to shelter from the cold...
    Wait till the short one sees the astrological clock in Prague...it is just beautiful..