Thursday, November 18, 2010

Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Time for us to make our way back to the most incredible train station I have ever seen, Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof.  This futuristic building houses 3 levels of platforms, a shopping mall and even a DB (Deutsche Bahn) Lounge -for those frequent train flyers! Whilst it actually looks like an oversized meccano set, it is a very tourist and pram friendly facility.  However, be warned - if you need to go to the toilet or change a nappy it will cost you 80 Euro cents to get through the door!

Today we were making our way to Amsterdam on the ever efficient IC (Inter City) Train.  One thing can be said for the Germans and their engineering - it’s fast and efficient (OK,  I can’t count!)

We were excited to discover our first class seats were in a 6 seater cabin with its own door, again.  With no other passengers booked alongside us, we were able to spread out and give the short one some wings.  For the 7 hour trip that lay ahead, this was indeed a blessing.

The rhythmic jostle of the train lulled the short one into the Land of Nod as we settled in for our ride to the Netherlands.  With a little man coming around asking us whether we would like a coffee and something to eat, you couldn’t imagine it getting any better! 
Well...actually...I could now that I think about it – a half decent cup of coffee would be good, thanks!

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  1. It was great that you had your own 6 seater cabin again - the positive point for travelling in the off-season! Bye bye is a wonderful vibrant city isn't it?

    Good luck with finding a decent cup of coffee in Amsterdam. I think I remember it being very sweet - because of the milk?

    Are you going to take hubby to Anne Franks house? That was amazing!! I still remember it nearly in detail as yet another historic story I learnt about in school came to life as I walked through the house where she sheltered. That is one the great things about travelling I find - linking the past to the present.

    I hope you have taken lots of photos of the beautiful flowers through Europe. I remember the photos that we had taken in one of the flower markets in Amsterdam...while wandering the streets jetlagged and sleep deprived... ah...memories!!

    Anyway, enjoy your second last city. Can't believe that you are near the end of your trip.

    Love to all
    xxxooo (one each for all of you!)