Thursday, November 4, 2010

Munich musings

As if by some cruel twist of fate, it was daddy and mummy's turn to wake at 3.30am. Whilst the short one enjoyed a relative sleep-in until 4.15am! This at least ensured we would be the first to breakfast, leaving all those that followed with slim pickings.

Today we ventured north to visit the incredibly beautiful Schloss Nymphenburg, a Royal Palace dating back to 1664. Commissioned by the Elector Ferdinand Maria as a gift for his wife to celebrate the birth of his son, Max Emanuel. The stunning gardens behind the palace beckon you to stroll around its classic French symmetry. Sounds so serene and peaceful doesn't it?

Well, it may well have been until the short one arrived! Chasing swans, collecting little pebbles, waving at all the locals, declaring to all within earshot that she is 'wunning berry fast' whilst yelling out 'hewwo' to any poor unsuspecting passer by and the picture is somewhat altered. It seems that wherever we go, elderly German men and women want to stop and touch the short one and engage her in conversation. They always do it with a smile, but God only knows what they are imparting. For all I know they could be wishing the fleas of a thousand camels to infest her armpits... but I don't think so...

You may be fooled into thinking that we came all this way to Europe to visit some car shop, but in actual fact it was for a conference. Today signalled the official start, with registration taking place at Heckscher Klinikum Hospital School. Like veteran travellers, we take on the UBahn again and make our way south of the city centre to find this school set in a hospital. This is no mean feat mind, considering at every turn we need to find a lift to move from one platform to another, and from ground level to station level. The joys of travelling with a pram! With the conference sign-on complete and workshops selected, it was time to head home once again on the train back to Marienplatz and the Viktualienmarkt.

Strolling through the Viktualienmarkt was a sensory explosion this time. As our first encounter with the markets was on 1st Nov everything was closed. This time the feel was electric with 140 stalls selling everything from flowers to fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, and of course beer. All the while you are surrounded by amazing smells, sights and tastes. The marketplace originated in 1807 and at their very heart proudly stands a may pole, a relic from medieval times.

Whilst I am sure the short one would have loved to show off her dancing prowess, the time had come for three very weary travellers to head back home...

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  1. Glad to hear that Munich has reopened for you and the short one is making your stay memorable.
    Between making friends with the locals, and knowing how to navigate the public transport system in ways that as a person-without-child, would never know.
    Hope you enjoy the conference and look forward to the next update from Team O'Connor xx