Saturday, November 13, 2010

Put the horse before the cart

We were determined to not let what had happened spoil our closing hours in Prague. With the situation in hand as much as possible, we set off to deliver on a promise.
Each day, whenever we came anywhere near the general vicinity of the Old Town Square, the short one would proclaim, ‘horseys’.  In the Square surrounds were horses and carts taking tourists for a ride, in more ways than one.  The short one’s fixation led us to promise that we would take her one day.  Seeing it was our last day, we thought we better head straight for the ‘horseys’.

The sheer delight on her face was worth every Czech Crown – and seeing they aren’t worth much, they quickly add up!


  1. hello, yay!! a family shot! In the second photo it looks like two goldens you know came along for the ride!
    have a great day

  2. I agree with Jo...yay!!! a family shot :-)

    Glad the travel agent sorted all the issues with accommodation. As you said, you need travel insurance if venture overseas. It is worth every bit when things like this arise.

    Enjoy!! xx