Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sprechen Sie Englisch?

The second day of the congress finds us making our way to the north of the city centre to an area known as the university district. Schwabing is a bohemian area favoured by students, artists, writers and intellectuals. It is also the home of Klinikum Schwabing (Schwabing Hospital) and the Kinder Klinic (Children's Hospital).Morning lectures were followed by various workshops in the afternoon. This of course left Daddy and the short one to their own devices, yet again.

Their plan for the day was to head to Tierpark Hellabrunn. To the uninitiated, this was the ever popular Munich Zoo. They were off to see all the 'ammials'.

Traipsing around the zoo, they came across 'ammials' they had never seen before including one large, heavy plated creature that Daddy was convinced was a dinosaur. The Australian exhibit created much enthusiasm with its kangaroos and wallabies.

To date, the language barrier hasn't been insurmountable. Many people speak English very well and if not, sign language never goes astray! Daddy however, nearly got himself and the short one into trouble today!

After arriving back at the Kinder Klinic to collect Mummy at the end of the day, he went in search of a toilet with baby change facilities. After walking around aimlessly for some time, he collared a doctor roaming the aisles. He then proceeds to express his need in various ways all to no avail. The doctor kept smiling, nodding and shaking her head. After Daddy's third attempt at putting his message across the doctor exclaimed, "Ahhh". Finally Daddy thought, until he realised that the doctor was starting to clinically examine the short one. "No, no, nappy, change room, diaper, toilet!"

With increasing desperation in his attempts to communicate, the doctor guided him down the corridor, to a counter and directed him to fill out a form. Either they have really strict regulations about the use of the facilities in German hospitals, government red tape had gone absolutely mad or Daddy was about to get the short one admitted to hospital.

Daddy's animated gestures clearly indicated that she was missing the point entirely, until such time as the doctor saw a colleague who apparently had a clue. She spoke in German, he spoke in German and Daddy just looked on bewildered.

"Ahh, a baby change room, yes of course, there is one just here," the colleague kindly offers in English.

All the while, this whole interchange took place outside the door of one said Baby Change Room!

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  1. Hello,
    enjoying the blog, looks like the short one is travelling alone or with the photographeronly as all the photos so far of her show her alone and with clearly strong independence and you think how did she wheel the pram there!
    Also must be time difference thing but the blog is already showing a Sunday entry when it must be 3 in the morning there or you really are not sleeping at all, or up until Midnight. Enjoy the next travelling adventure!
    Good to hear you are all well.
    love Jo