Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wiedersehen Germany

Checking back in to the Holiday Inn Munich was a little like coming home – staff warmly welcomed us back. The short one was also keen to show off her newly acquired bilingual skills by announcing to all who cared to listen and even those who didn't, "Guten morgen" - regardless of the time of day! 
In our absence, they had set up the foyer area as a German Beer Hall, a mini Hofbrauhaus!  Celebrating their new beer on tap, the Hofbrau, we were able to enjoy a somewhat simulated beer hall experience with 2 Hofbraus and 1 glass of milk. (The milk was served in a Chivas glass no less!)

For our last day in Germany, we ventured out into the cold (3 degrees) and made our way back to the Viktualienmarkt.  Sitting alfresco, overlooking the Christmas markets, drinking hot chocolate and watching the first snow fall of the season, I realise that while my insides were being nicely warmed by the chocolate, I had long lost all feeling in my hands, feet and face.  As romantic as it was, al fresco is perhaps not as practical in the northern hemisphere!

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