Saturday, November 27, 2010

The long journey home...

The day had arrived for us to start our long journey home.  With the luggage re-sorted and aircraft ready, we made our way back to Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss Airport for our Emirates flight back to Dubai.
Security was in overdrive here as well, and it was a little more comforting to see that most of them were upright at least.
The first leg of our flight from Munich to Dubai was just over 5 hours long.  We were designated bassinette seats again but chose to stick with them this time due to the leg room and ability for the short one to stand in front of the seats and move around, all be it limited.  Fortunately daddy’s request of the check in staff to flag us as ‘smelly’ ensured the third seat on our row remained empty, leaving the short one with a seat of her own.  Unbelievably, she fell asleep immediately after take off and we were even able to watch a movie!
Dubai airport proved to be family friendly yet again, with express passport control and complimentary airport strollers making life all that much easier.
Finally arriving in Dubai around midnight, after a couple of delays, our transfer had us arriving back at the Novotel after 1am – remarkably the short one was still standing and even somewhat convivial, more than we can say about German security!


  1. Hi Meredith, believe you have landed home safely now. Thank you for keeping this interesting and entertaining blog not only for us to enjoy, but a lovely reminder of a perfect family trip. We missed you last night, it was a happy and fitting farewell to Anna (and Irene too). See you soon,love V x x x

  2. Valda, it has been a lot of fun writing it. In a way I will miss it when I finally wrap it up. I'll have to come up with another project to unleash the writer in me! Really sorry I couldn't make it last night, I so wanted to go, but it wasn't to be xx