Saturday, November 13, 2010

Train to Berlin

Another train ride lay before us, this time from Prague to Berlin.  Making our way back to the Prague Central Station didn’t help any to improve on our first impressions.  While they are doing a lot of work there – the place is just awful.  Full of dodgy characters preying on unsuspecting tourists, no service points or central information counters, loud construction noises muffling any public announcements, I could go on!  The traveller is simply left to their own devices to try and work out where to go.
We finally stumbled across a digital board showing arrivals and departures.  It was a case of find your train number and wait until the platform number was displayed.  With only 15 minutes left before scheduled departure and still no platform, we were beginning to worry.  Word of advice when travelling with kids on trains – be prepared to get going at any moment.  With the short one firmly strapped in her pram and luggage within arm’s reach we were able to launch ourselves off as soon as the platform number went up.
Finally settled into our carriage, we were disappointed to find our more modern train was not as comfortable as our last train to Prague.  There is little room for luggage except for overhead rails, which managed all of our suitcases, back packs and pram.  Whilst this train had a dining car, it was not tempting enough to leave all of our luggage to partake in any of its delicacies!
Our arrival in Berlin was worlds apart.  Berlin’s new Central Train Station has to be seen to be believed.  A thriving metropolis in its own right – it is housed in an amazing glass structure with several floors of dining, shopping and extremely helpful information stands!  Whilst Prague has become an incredibly popular tourist destination, the Czech Republic still has a long way to go.

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  1. Ahh...Berlin. Such a contrast of the future with new and exciting and the history with reminders of the past...
    Such a wonderful city - filled with a feeling of energy...yet another city I loved visiting.
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
    Take care and love the blog!!!
    Sending you all love and hugs xxxooo