Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good King Wenceslas

Whilst a popular Christmas Carol, Wenceslas was never actually a king, but in fact a Czech Prince.  Today we decided to head in a different direction and make our way to Wenceslas Square.  This 750m long and 60m wide boulevard is dominated at one end by the majestic National Museum.

National Museum
The Bohemian Duke, Wenceslas was murdered by his brother in 935 AD and later canonised as the patron Czech saint.  The square also boasts the prince astride a horse in a 1912 sculpture.

Wenceslas Square
Moving from this precinct we further explored the Jewish Quarter.  The Old Jewish Cemetery is a moving tribute to Prague’s once significant Jewish community.  This small area was one of the few spaces afforded to Prague’s Jews for burial.  When the small plot became full, graves were built up in layers with estimates of around 200 000 Jews buried here.  The oldest headstone dates back to 1439.  The plot was finally closed to burials in 1787.

Old Jewish Cemetery
There was nothing else for it really.  After another busy day walking all over Prague, we decided that we needed to treat ourselves.  Conveniently positioned just one block from our hotel is the most magnificent French patisserie, chocolaterie and cafe.  One that we have admired from afar, until today! Daddy spoiled himself with a hot chocolate and a piece of cheesecake, while I enjoyed a ‘special cappuccino’ with just a dash of chocolate!  Oh, pure bliss!

The short one, well, she just had to settle for a ‘mleko’! Life is tough when you are height challenged!

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