Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dutch Tour Guide

Humouring daddy, I relinquished the map today, so that he regained some of his perceived control over the holiday!  Little did he know, I was still managing proceedings!  Whilst I still came up with the itinerary - he just had to get us there.

Today’s plan included taking in the flower markets.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a great love for flowers and always have fresh bouquets in the house.  My favourite flower of all time would have to be the tulip...and here I was, in the native home of the tulip.
Tulips are everywhere in Amsterdam; fresh, plastic, silk, wooden; on tea towels, coffee cups, napkins, magnets, keyrings, bags...the list goes on and on and on.
But, I am only really interested in the real ones!

The flower markets line one of the canals behind our hotel. They sell all manner of bulbs, fresh flowers and souvenirs.  I have never seen such a collection of bulbs in all my life – ones for every imaginable colour of tulip and even those unimaginable!  I don’t know that I could take to the black ones...
What probably amazed me more than anything were the prices.  Most bunches of tulips were sold in bunches of 50 (yes, 50!) for only 10 Euros.  You are flat out getting half a dozen back home for that price!  Whilst it was very hard to resist the temptation, I did manage to just admire them from afar.

What was also of interest was the ‘bulbs in a can’ concept  – supposedly export quality...I am not sure though (export quality or not) that cannabis in a can would make it through Australian border control!

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