Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prague Castle

Today we ventured over the Vltava River by way of the Charles Bridge to explore the other side of Prague.  Winding our way yet again through cobble stone alley ways we find ourselves admiring buildings such as the Senate, Parliament, Prague Castle and Starbucks. 
Charles Bridge

Yes, Starbucks.  We stopped for morning tea and with eagle eyes noticed that they not only had toilets for paying customers – but they also had a disabled toilet and baby change room.  Never miss an opportunity, I say.  Keeping that in mind for our return trip we headed off to explore the Castle at closer quarters.  Whilst all other tourists could amble up the Old Castle Stairs, we decided to take the back alleyway as it was more pram friendly.  Pram friendly it may have been, but my God, it certainly wasn’t thigh or calf friendly!

St Vitus Cathedral

Old Castle Stairs

Prague Castle is Europe’s largest mediaeval castle complex. St Vitus Cathedral dominates the complex of eclectic buildings.  A fortification has sat upon this land overlooking all that is Prague since the 9th Century. Today it is the seat of the Czech President.
As promised, on our way back we stopped in at Starbucks again to check out their facilities.  Due to the fact that the baby change was co-located with the disabled toilet, it was of course locked.  After Daddy lined up for several minutes to get the key, he was finally told that there was no key as someone had stolen it!  You have to be kidding me!  It just seems to get more and more ridiculous.
Prague apparently is notorious for pick pockets and petty thieves.  There are written and audio warnings everywhere you go.  Whilst you must be vigilant at all times, I don't think it detracts from the whole experience.
Unless of course you are disabled and you need to go to the toilet!

Traditional street sign


  1. It certainly sounds like they are not wanting (or expecting) disabled persons to travel...or maybe even expect travellers-with-child to want to change them?!?!?
    Continue to enjoy. xx

  2. Hello,
    the Czech experience sounds great, beautiful photos! Summer seemed to arrive today to Bris Vegas, 28 degree and 80% humidity but who's complaining!! Cricket is on the TV more regularly in our time zone. The Ashes start in two weeks and Gary and I going to Day 4. If you see any xmas decor take photos please. I was walking out to the kitchen at work today with my large clear plastic vase that has some greenery floating in it and someone thought I had a goldfish!
    Peonies were at the brissy markets today and I have lots of pink buds ready to burst into glory.I had a memory of our get together before the short one's arrival around this time of year.
    love and hugs