Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jetlag 1, Toddler 0

Oh the joys of jetlag! I had been secretly delighted at how well the short one has adapted to the change in timezones and how well she has continued to sleep...until last night!
We have all been hitting the sack pretty early, keeping the routine going of an early dinner, bath, story and bed. The first few nights the short one was waking at 3.30am after 9 hours sleep. We have brought her to our bed and settled her reasonably well until a more respectable 5.30am. That was until last night...

Apparently there is a 2.30am in Munich. Reluctantly we brought her into our bed again in a futile attempt to get her back down. She clearly had other ideas, all the while kindly suggesting to us a plethora of fun activities that all can enjoy at this ungodly hour. After wrestling with what felt like several octopi for well over 2 hours, I reflected on the words of my GP. I began to trawl the depths of my mind to try and remember how to perform a vulcan pinch.

Finally she did collapse in a conveniently placed cross-bed position leaving both of us in a death-like vice grip hanging precariously off the edge.

Jetlag 1, toddler 1, us 0


  1. Wishing all three of you sweet dreams, especially from the hours of 9pm-7am in your current city - especially the short one!!!

    Spent the day doing Melbourne Cup Sweeps (in between the working part) and then watching the race, just to find out that the horses I picked are still finding their way to the finishing line!!

    Luckily, this year, my random draw in the Sweep gave me back EXACTLY what I had outlaid at the TAB and the numerous sweeps...Maybe karma has finally noticed me and is beginning to return??
    Only time will tell I suppose.

    Well, take care Team O'Connor. Good to see your blogs. I was beginning to wonder whether you were still wandering the departure lounge somewhere. Take care and have a wonderful time

    Sending good thoughts and love from home

  2. She will probably get back into 'her' sleep pattern in time to come home! Happy travels. love the blog, Meredith, you should write MORE books. love V x x