Friday, November 12, 2010

Autumn leaves

Europe in Autumn is a truly beautiful place.  Deciduous trees abound, dropping little golden moments all around.
Leaves line the streets and walkways making a beautiful patchwork carpet everywhere we go.  The short one delights in running through them and kicking them up in the air. 
There was a precious moment that I came across a few days ago about which I never wrote.  A moment that I have often relived as the innocence moved me.
After returning from a moment’s absence, I fell upon Daddy and the short one running through a vast expanse of fallen leaves.  They were both delighting in kicking up streams of orange, yellow and gold into the breeze; ‘dancing golden faeries’ as they are quick to tell me.
A truly memorable scene  - but what was truly memorable was this whole scene took place in the ‘killing zone’ at Dachau; a grassed area that had previously seen so much tragedy was now a scene of such delightful innocence.
On this Day of Remembrance ...Lest we forget

Dancing golden faeries

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