Sunday, November 28, 2010

At the movies

Few people realise the benefits of a long haul when travelling with toddlers.  Onboard, on demand entertainment has long been a feature of air travel.  New release movies help the passenger while away the endless hours.  Passengers, if interested, are able to ensure they are up to date with any number of silver screen offerings, all in one sitting.
That is of course, unless you are with child, and herein lies the have a whole 15 – 16 hours to see at least one 1 ½ hour movie.
Being that I haven’t seen a new release movie since the short one was a new release, it was a novelty for me – even the collection of rewind movies (old favourites) were all new to me, I was spoiled for choice!  So I was thrilled to see 2 whole movies – Angela Jolie’s new movie, ‘Salt’ and the older new release, ‘Letters to Juliet’.
And the good thing is, watching movies with noise cancelling headphones, you can’t hear travelling toddlers!
What did you say?

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