Monday, November 15, 2010

The Story of Berlin

After dedicating ourselves to all that is consumerism, we thought we had better go and see what we came for; history, and what a lot Berlin has to share.  We started off by visiting the Story of Berlin Museum conveniently located across the road from our hotel.  This museum takes you through the full history of the capital’s development; from its trading centre days in the Middle Ages to the fall of the Berlin Wall.  The Museum also includes a tour of an authentic nuclear bomb shelter. 
By the time we had wandered through 8 centuries, the short one was beginning to fade and fast.  I suppose when you are only one, 800 years is a VERY long time!  The time had come for mummy and the short one to retire back to the hotel while daddy checked out the bunker built during the Cold War underneath our very street.  The shelter has the capacity to shelter almost 3 600 people and is still operational.
Supplies of tinned bread, consumed with water, in the bunker

I am sure daddy would have fleetingly thought about staying there the night, tempted by the guaranteed uninterrupted night’s sleep, but he must have thought better of it, as he returned to our digs in the end.  Mind you after last night’s efforts, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes back and makes some enquiries!

Kitchen in the bunker

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