Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's off to work I go...

It's 3.30am, I'm wide awake and my ever so thoughtful husband suggests I go and sit in the bathroom and update the blog (so as not to disturb anyone!). Which explains why I now find myself sitting on the throne, tapping away. I must say the beds at the Holiday Inn City Centre are some of the best I have ever slept in - I just wish I could!

It seems the short one is having no such issues. Each night she announces that she is ready for bed around 6pm and then proceeds to tell us to turn the lights out! We then sit in the dark until she conks out. Fortunately this only takes a couple minutes. There is something that can be said for separate bedrooms!

Today marked the first full day at the Congress. Delegates were treated to keynote addresses this morning in the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) in Marienplatz. The beautiful ball room housed nearly 400 delegates from all over the world.

Following on from these addresses, the Congress split into two venues - one back at Hecksher Klinikum and the other at Klinikum Schwabing School for Sick Children. Local colleagues guided the visitors to either venue via the UBahn. I must say, train travel is so much more efficient without a pram!

This of course meant that the short one had a day with Daddy. They set off for the day to explore the Deutches Museum. This Museum is world reknowned for being the largest and oldest museum of science and technology in the world. Right up Dad's alley. The short one was happy too, as she was able to excitedly point out the clock again to anyone who would listen.

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