Thursday, November 18, 2010

Berlin’s Zoologischer Garten

Our last day in Berlin and we thought we would do something a little more uplifting.

self portrait

Seeing our hotel was pretty much on the doorstep of the oldest zoo in Germany, we thought it was a clear message to take the short one to a more child friendly venue!
Despite the day being cold and wet, we headed around the corner to check out one of Germany’s most amazing tourist attractions. Animals have been kept and bred here since 1844. With over 15 000 animals living in the zoo, spread out over 84 acres, we were in for another long walk today.

Probably the zoo’s most world famous resident is Knut, the orphaned polar bear, raised by zookeepers after being rejected by his mother.  Aside from Knut, celebrity spreads to the only Giant Panda held in captivity in Germany,  Boa Boa.
The zoo has a number of buildings peppered throughout the park, built in a style reminiscent of the homeland of the particular animals on exhibit within the confines of the building.  As much as possible bars and fences were removed and replaced with moats in the 1930’s, making for a very up close and personal experience with the various species.  Sadly during air raids in the Second World War, the zoo was all but destroyed.  Committed self-sacrificing zookeepers managed to save 91 of the animals including ‘Siam’ the elephant and ‘Knautschke’ the hippo.

Out of the tragic remains, rose an even more committed and determined staff to rebuild, bigger and better.
And it was all so worth it...just to see the face on the short one as she got close to the baby elephant!  That for us was definitely the winner!

Though, in all honesty... now...we are actually a bit over hearing about the baby elephant!


  1. Wow, what a thrill! I saw a movie years ago about the zoo and all those committed keepers. Wish I could think of the name of it. It was desperately sad though, so perhaps not. Glad Lily got up close and personal with an elephant, they are facinating creatures and a favourite of mine too. Cheers! :) :)

  2. I said it would be nice to see some family how are you and the large grey beasts related???

    Glad the short one enjoyed the day - even though it wasn't the best isn't here either at the moment...although probably somewhat warmer!!!

    Look forward to the Amsterdam blogs

    Love L. xxoo

    P.S. I have the EXACT same photo of Brandenberg is here in my lounge room. Cool hey?? xx