Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Caffeine and cars

Our mission today, and we chose to accept it, was to find that other European Holy Grail - a decent cup of coffee. In our aimless wanderings the day before we stumbled across a Starbucks. Our prior experience in the UK and Ireland told us that this was probably as good as it gets. All well and good - but where the hell was it!

Finally on our last turn down various historic alleyways, we fell upon Hofbrauhaus, Munich's most famous beer hall, dating back to 1896. Over 10 000 litres of Hofbrau are served each day. With patrons drinking it by the litre, it certainly adds up! Conveniently it is located directly opposite our Holy Grail.

In all the excitement, Daddy goes in to order the biggest God damm coffee I have ever seen. Apparently they serve it by the litre here as well!

Armed with a couple of new sim cards for our iPhones, Daddy discovers that Starbucks is not only home to half decent coffee, but also free wireless. With the short one comatose again (gotta love that jetlag) we proceed to spend over an hour catching up on email, Facebook, blogs and Google Maps. Another score!

Daddy decides on our plans for the day after consulting Google. There was nothing else for it really. We were in Munich for one reason only, and that was because it was home to the Bavarian Motor Works. Why were we sitting in some coffee shop? It was time to tackle the UBahn and set forth on our way to BMW.

With directions in hand we navigate our way to Olympic Park, built for the 1972 Munich Olympics, neighbouring the home of the greatest car on earth.

For the next few hours, we witness Daddy drooling, dribbling and leaping for joy. The short one was just as excited when she was allowed to ride on a BMW Police bike! The BMW Welt is housed in an architectural masterpiece. The building itself is worth seeing. The Museum is an incredible visual feast also. With the use of sound, lights, futuristic projections, animations and interactive displays one is taken on a journey through all that is the BMW brand. The short one was fascinated in a collection of silver balls held in suspended animation as it slowly revealed the outline of a car. One of the highlights for me was the room garaging all the BMWs driven by James Bond himself!

On second thoughts maybe the whole experience was a little lost on me!

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